Online Payment Gateway Vs.

Online Payment Gateway Vs.

Online payment gateway is inextricably associated with the online business. Considering the present situation where social distancing is very important, small merchants are doing their best in order to implement the new business strategies. People are now making online transactions sitting at home. Moreover, they are preferring contactless transactions in the retail outlets. Therefore, merchants are upgrading their equipment so that they can accept online payment easily.

Now, if you are someone who is planning to start an online business, you must know that without having an online payment gateway, you cannot accept online payment. Yes, an online payment gateway securely passes the necessary credit card information to the merchant processor. Then it is shared with the credit card network. The credit card brand passes the information to the bank. The bank finally checks the available credit in the cardholder’s account. After checking it, it approves or declines the transaction and shares the same information with the credit card network. The credit card network such as MasterCard and Visa passes the information to the payment processor.

If we talk about the present situation, you will get to see that there are many online platforms offering online payment gateway. Among them, Stripe payment gateway and PayPal payment gateway are very popular. Well, you can also go with and here, we are going to tell you why is different from others. payment gateway is one of the well-known payment processors. We have added the pros and cons below in order to give you a concrete idea regarding this.


  • It provides support for multiple currencies
  • The merchants will have monthly billing
  • The security level is very high and the platform also offers top-notch features to stripe prevent fraudulent activities.
  • There is no long-term contract.


  • It comes up with an all-in-one solution. If you are not tech-savvy, you might have a problem to understand the system.
  • If you are choosing for an optional merchant account, you might have to deal with high flat-rate pricing structure

Features has some remarkable fractures that you might not find in other online payment gateway providers.

  • VPOS: The platform offers a virtual terminal that is completely browser-based. The new version has a BBPOS card reader that allows the merchants to accept EMV cards and magstripe cards. The negative part is that it only runs on Windows OS.

Along with the VPOS, it has an mPOS mobile payment system, payment gateway and merchant account services.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose as your merchant processor and take your business to the next level.