Vs PayPal Vs PayPal and PayPal are bringing remarkable changes in online business. Well, we are living in an age where people are living a convenient life. The main reason behind it is the advancement of technology. Yes, if we talk about the current scenario, we will get to see that the ecosystem of business and payment industry has been changed. Everyone is giving preference to the contactless transaction and online transaction. Small merchants are making remarkable changes in their businesses.

However, if you have a plan to start an online business, you must have an online payment gateway. Otherwise, you will not be able to receive payments from the customers. There are many online payment gateway providers available in the market such as Stripe,, charity PayPal and many more. If you want to run your business smoothly, you must have proper knowledge about these. Here, we have made a comparison between and PayPal in order to give you a solid idea. So, have a look at the following points: is undoubtedly is one of the oldest online payment gateway providers. The company was actually established in 2010 and currently, it has more than 400,000 merchants.

Features: has the following features:

  • Payment Gateway: Well, every merchant associated with has access to an online payment gateway through which they receive payments from the consumers.
  • VPOS: has VPOS that is also called Virtual Point Of Sale. It is basically a browser-based software that allows the merchants to receive payments from anywhere they want. It works like a virtual terminal. The latest version has a BBPOS card reader that has the capability to read EMV cards as well as magstripe standard cards.


The pricing structure is pocket-friendly. We have elaborated it below:

Payment Gateway

  • The batch fee is $0.10
  • The monthly gateway fee is $25
  • Online transaction processing fee is $0.10

Merchant Account + Payment Gateway

  • The monthly gateway fee is $25
  • Per transaction processing fee is 2.9% + $0.30


PayPal is a well-known payment gateway providers. The company is trusted by many customers and it has reasonable flat-rate pricing, useful developer tools, extensive integrations and multiple pricing plans.

Transaction Fees

  • The merchant has to pay 2.9% + $0.30 for per online transaction
  • The fee is 2.7% for tapped, dipped and swiped transactions
  • Merchant pays 3.1% + $0.30 for making virtual terminal transactions.
  • PayPal charges $20 for chargeback


If we talk about the core features of PayPal, it generally offers three options for merchants

  • PayPal Payments Pro
  • Payments Standard
  • PayPal Checkouts

So, you have understood the difference between and PayPal. Now, the entire thing depends upon you. You have to choose your payment processor wisely.