Stripe is taking things to the next level. With the advancement of technology, the entire ecosystem of the payment industry has been changed. If we talk about the present situation, people are giving more preference to online transactions. Therefore, merchants are implementing new strategies and getting results. To put up with the current situation. Since the arrival of COVID-19, people have been preferring contactless transactions. Merchants are using various payment gateways in order to accept payment online.

Well, when it comes to payment gateways, nothing can beat the efficiency of the Stripe. It is one of the most popular payment solutions that provide APIs. Web developers generally use these APIs for integrating the payment processing system into their mobile applications and websites. It is an American financial services company. And the Headquarter of th company is in San Francisco, California. The Company launched Stripe Connect in 2012 and it allows the merchants to create marketplaces where merchants can receive online payment from the customers. In such a case, the comnpany works as a middleman and processes the payment.

Who Uses Stripe

There are many businesses that collect payments online. We have highlighted some of them below:

  • E-commerce companies
  • Brick-and-mortar shops
  • Freelancers
  • Online marketplaces
  • Agencies
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Non-profit Organization

Rates of Stripe

Fee per transaction2.9% + 30 cent
Non-profit discount2.2% + 30 cent
Setup Costs or Monthly FeesNo
MicropaymentsSame flat rate
Contract RequiredNo
Chargeback Fee RefundsNo Fees Returned
Customer Support24/7 Phone and Chat, Email, Help Centre
Chargeback Fee$15
PCI ComplianceYes
Ease of SetupModerate
Ease of UseEasy
Countries Available32+
Data PortabilityYes
Access To Fund Times2 Days
Online InvoicingFree for first $1M in sales
Payments Handled 100% ON Your SiteYes
In-person card readersPaid

Features Of Stripe

The company offers the following tools in order to process online payment:

  • Recurring billing, subscription and invoicing tools
  • Pre-built checkout form that is fully embeddable
  • It also allows the tech-savvy users to build a form out of the scratch
  • Tools for in-app and online checkouts
  • It provides support for ACH, localized payment methods and credit cards.

Additional Features

The payment gateway provider has some noteworthy additional features and that make it different from other payment processing services. We have highlighted some of them below:

  • Stripe Sigma: It is a SQL-based business intelligence
  • Issuing Stripe: It allows the users to generate virtual and physical cards.
  • Stripe Rader: This is basically a fraud management tool.
  • Stripe Connect: It allows the users to form platforms and marketplaces.

So, this is all about Stripe. We hope that this article would be helpful for you.